What You Should Know About Pregnancy and Gum Disease

Gum disease

When you consider the physical and health changes that the female body undergoes during pregnancy, do you consider the changes that could be taking place in the mouth? During pregnancy, women are at an increased risk of gum disease and need to take additional steps to care for their smiles.

Gum disease is a periodontal infection that can affect anyone, but it can also result from pregnancy as a result of high levels of the hormone progesterone, which can cause gum irritation and, consequently, gum disease. Without treatment, gum disease only continues to advance, and may eventually result in additional health issues, including heart disease and stroke.

At Kowalski Dental Offices, our dentist can help you monitor your oral health during pregnancy and develop effective oral hygiene habits to keep you and your baby safe from the effects of gum disease. For example, day and night, you should be brushing your teeth for two minutes at a time.

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