Cleaning Your Dentures

cleaning dentures

Once you get dentures, you may think that your days of brushing are behind you. Actually, you will still need to brush your dentures. Dentures, just like natural teeth can collect plaque and food debris, neither of which is healthy for your mouth.

To clean your dentures, you should use a toothbrush with soft bristles, or one designed for cleaning dentures. Regular toothpaste is out since most brands contain abrasives that can scratch your dentures. Instead, use a toothpaste formulated for dentures. You can also use a mild dish or hand soap, or even a vinegar and water solution. Scrub them very gently, over a sink filled with water or a towel, so the chances will be less of them breaking if you drop them. If you do break them, don’t try to repair them on your own. Regular adhesives can contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body. Our dentist, Dr. Kenneth Kowalski can repair them or if necessary, replace them.

You need to clean your dentures at least twice a day. You also need to brush your gums. That will remove plaque and stimulate the circulation of blood.

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