Don’t be Harassed by Halitosis

halitosisEvery now and then, everyone deals with bad breath, which is also known by its clinical name, halitosis. No matter what you call it, it’s embarrassing when someone takes you aside to tell you that they need to talk to you about a “certain problem.” And it’s no treat to be on the receiving end of bad breath.

If you had anchovies on your pizza or extra garlic on your salad at lunch, your breath will naturally be on the “rough” side for a few hours. That can easily be remedied by two minutes with your toothbrush or some mouthwash. But if you suffer from chronic bad breath, you may want to talk to our dentist Dr. Kowalski.

Bad breath can be caused by a number of things. Tobacco use can be a culprit. If you are suffering from gum disease or tooth decay, those could be a source. If you aren’t brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time, the food debris that collects in your mouth can contribute to the problem. Dry mouth, a condition in which your body does not manufacture enough saliva can be a factor. Medical issues such as respiratory problems, diabetes, and kidney problems can also lead to bad breath.

The first step to addressing bad breath is to brush your teeth for two minutes at a time, twice a day, and see our dentists every six months for a cleaning and exam. If that does not solve the problem, then you should call our office. If you live in the Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, area and would like to schedule an appointment at Kowalski Dental Offices, call 262-781-5600 to plan your visit.