Don’t Sacrifice Your Smile to Sports

Your smile is designed to last a lifetime with proper care, but the high risk of oral injury that comes with sporting activities can result in lost teeth and fractured jaws. Tooth and jaw damage may be inevitable for newly walking babies or kids who run and climb trees, but it doesn’t have to occur during high-contact sports. We offer three ways to reduce oral injury with proper protective gear during sporting activities:

– Wear a sports mouth guard to protect your teeth while playing any kind of sport. This protective oral appliance stops the occurrence of tooth damage by absorbing the impact if you are hit with a ball, collide with an elbow or knee or fall and hit your mouth. Whether you are involved in football, gymnastics or sledding, a mouth guard can preveoral injuriesnt your smile from paying the price.

– Wear a face mask if you are involved in a sport that requires a ball or object being launched at high speeds, as it could strike your face and cause damage. Baseball, hockey, and football have high instances of oral and facial injury, especially when players don’t wear proper oral appliances.

– Wear a helmet that shields your skull and face when biking or playing a rough sport to lower the risk of severe oral and facial injury and dangerous concussions that could affect your quality of life.

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