Scheduling Regular and Convenient Oral Cancer Exams

Do you visit your dentist twice a year for a checkup? During your regular oral exam, Dr. Kenneth Kowalski and his staff at Kowalski Dental Offices are trained to look for signs of oral cancer. This is because oral cancer is serious business and not uncommon either. In fact, about 35,000 Americans are diagnosed every year.

Tobacco and alcohol can dramatically increase your chances of contracting this disease. If you smoke or drink regularly, we encourage you to cut back or better yet, quit entirely.

Even those who abstain from alcohol and drugs are not completely immune. That’s why it’s helpful to have us check for oral cancer at every oral exam.

How will the oral cancer inspection go? First, we will ask you to take out any removable dental appliances in your mouth, if applicable. Then our dental hygienist will study your face, neck, lips and mouth for any suspicious patches, lumps or sensitivity. The hygienist will even ask you to stick out your tongue while they look for swelling, strange colors or textures, on the top, side and underside.

If you are ready for your dental checkup in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, you can call 262-781-5600 to reach a member of our amazing dental staff who will help you set up a time to visit. Feel free to ask us anything about our oral cancer exams as well.