Your Tooth Restoration Options

Are you planning to restore your damaged tooth enamel? Doing it is as soon as possible is key. If there is damage to your tooth enamel, bacteria may enter the tooth and harm the pulp. This may result in infection and eventually lead to tooth loss. With effective tooth restorations, your smile can be rescued. Here are some of your options for tooth restorative treatments:

– Dental Veneers: Dental veneers attach a thin, customizable layer of durable, tooth-like porcelain to the fronts of your teeth. You can get one veneer to cover a flaw on one of your teeth or multiple veneers for a flawless smile.

– Teeth Whiteners: These professional treatments can bleach your teeth several shades whiter safely in as little as just one appointment.

– Dental Fillings: If cavities have formed in your teeth, dental fillings can stop and correct the damage.

– Dental Crowns: Dental crowns cover the visible section of teeth on all sides above the gum line for increased protection and better aesthetics.

If you are seeking to restore damaged or broken teeth, or improve your smile further, talk to Dr. Kenneth Kowalski and our team at Kowalski Dental Offices in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin by calling 262-781-5600. We look forward to seeing you smile!